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Sky Cleaning Services keeps things clean and simple. We eliminate complicated options, unexpected charges and time-consuming initial visits. Simply select the number of rooms and you’re done. Our itemized house cleaning checklist ensures all the basics and details are covered while providing consistent quality and industry-leading service on every visit.

Home Cleaning Highlights

– Kitchen Sinks and Countertops
– Kitchen Stovetop
– Kitchen Cabinets, Fixtures, and Walls
– Refrigerators, Microwaves, and other Appliances
– Wash Dishes by Hand or Dishwasher
– Put away Clean Dishes
– Empty Trash and Replace Can Liners
– Clean Blinds and Window Ledges
– Bathroom Sinks and Mirrors
– Bathroom Tubs and Showers
– Bathroom Toilets and Tile
– Bathroom Cabinets, Fixtures and Walls


We don’t cut corners, we clean them. Whether we’re vacuuming, mopping or sweeping we make sure to get the baseboards and all those hard to reach areas. All floors are cleaned with appropriate, professional-strength eco-friendly products.


We make all beds. If you have a set of clean sheets, simply leave these for our cleaning team and we will happily make the bed with fresh linens.