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Our Advantages

clutter-free-home-ftrReliable Service that Your Company Can Afford

SKY Cleaning Services is committed to customer satisfaction and provides reliable, responsive, quality cleaning services to:

• Office Buildings
• Medical Facilities
• Commercial Properties
• Grocery and Retail Store Chains
• Distribution Centers
• Cinemas/Theaters
• Restaurants
• Educational Facilities/Universities
• Financial Institutions
• Specialty Facilities
• National Accounts
• Local and Federal Government Buildings

We Keep our Equipment in tin-top condition

We have exceptionally high standards for the equipment and supplies we utilize. Our professional team carefully selects each piece of equipment based on a series of strict criteria.

We are training our team constantly!

SKY Cleaning teams are continually trained on new and innovative trends in the industry, as well as refreshed in their understanding of tried and true processes. Constant training also guaranty that our company can provides impeccable services for your building or facility. Success in maintaining standards begins with Training and ends with Quality Control visits, to ensure that the methods taught are being implemented across the board.